Getting a Breast Lift with Implants Provides Volume and Lift

Getting a Breast Lift with Implants Provides Volume and Lift

Women experience sagging breasts due to many causes; gravity, heredity, and improper bra sizes play a huge part. Your breasts lose their volume due to two primary reasons: You have too much overlying skin The volume in your breast is not evenly distributed If your breasts have uneven volume, you can fix the situation with […]

FTM Top Surgery Costs Denver – Female to Male Top

Many patients considering FTM Top Surgery have questions and concerns about the FTM Top Surgery Costs. The FTM Top Surgery is not generally covered by insurance as it is considered an elective aesthetic procedure and because Dr. Steinwald performs a special technique (even if insurance is available, due to this technique , we do not […]

FTM Chest Masculinization Denver

FTM Chest Masculinization Denver is a procedure performed to create a masculine chest appearance for patients who identify male and seek gender reassignment surgery to fulfill the physical change. The FTM top surgery is more similar to a breast reduction surgery than a mastectomy. Typically no less than 10-20% of the breast tissue is preserved. […]

FTM Denver Post-Op

Many patients have questions about the FTM Denver Post-Op experience. Following a Female to Male (FTM) procedure patient mays choose to stay in the hospital overnight. The day after the procedure Dr. Steinwald will meet with the patient to check the perfusion to the nipple areas and remove the compressive wrap/dressing. The next day the […]

Female to Male Top Surgery Candidates

Female to Male Top Surgery candidates must meet a given set of criteria in order for Dr. Steinwald to agree to perform the procedure. This candidacy requirements are something that Dr. Steinwald covers during an initial consultation with a patient. These candidacy regulations are in place to ensure a successful procedure for the patient. Dr. […]

FTM Top Surgery Denver

Here at double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul M. Steinwald has developed one of the safest and aesthetically pleasing FTM Top Surgery for chest masculinization in the world. One of the benefits of Dr. Steinwald’s FTM Top Surgery is that in the majority of patients, some degree of nipple sensation is preseverd. […]