Meet Dr. Steinwald

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Dr. SteinwaldIn 2002, Dr. Paul Steinwald’s professional life as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon was changed by one of the most fortuitous encounters of his career: he met an FTM transgender patient. This patient ostensibly was to be seen in consultation for a breast reduction, but “wanted to be smaller than an A-cup”, an unusual request. When asked further questions, it quickly became apparent that the patient was in the process of gender transition. Dr. Steinwald had completed fellowship training in San Francisco and had been exposed to these concepts to a degree, and he had also treated several men with gynecomastia, and so he initially agreed to a staged approach to achieving chest masculinization.

Dr. Steinwald’s surgical approach further evolved over time – and now can usually be performed as a single step – but always has applied the principles of standard breast reduction, to develop and refine an “extreme version” of this otherwise tried-and-true approach to “reduction mammaplasty”: leaving the nipple attached for blood flow and sensation purposes, but also creating a predictable, aesthetically pleasing masculine contour.

Trans-men were thrilled when they realized that they could get plastic surgery quality recontouring and scarring as an affordable, comfortable and safe procedure, and avoid the potentially disappointing sequelae and complications associated with the more commonly practiced double-incision free-nipple grafting, or “keyhole”/pursestring methods. He has pioneered and refined his surgical approach over the years, usually performing dramatic transformations in a single surgical stage, and continues to develop further modifications for appropriate patients to minimize incisions and downtime whenever possible.

He has also been truly amazed and inspired by the courageous nature and positive attitude of his trans-men patients, and their empowerment and gratitude in the post-operative period. It has been an honor and privilege to play such an important role in the journey of each of his patients. Ultimately, not only was his first transgender patient’s life “changed for good” by this first meeting (and the revolutionary surgical technique that resulted), Dr. Steinwald’s was as well. We can’t wait to meet you, hear your story and assist in your “gender affirmation” via Denver FTM Top Surgery as well.

Paul M. Steinwald, MD, is one of few plastic surgeons in the Denver area who is double-board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, including recent recertifications. He underwent advanced plastic surgery training in San Francisco, and continued to introduce many modern innovations to his private practice thereafter, but none more important than his revolutionary techniques in FTM/Top Surgery chest masculinization.

Regarding Dr. Steinwald’s educational background, he is a well-rounded Ivy League graduate who graduated with honors from Dartmouth College, and then attended Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. He chose to focus on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery early in his professional development, drawn to the field’s basis in anatomy, challenging variety and reward for attention to detail, all of which play to his interests and strengths. During his comprehensive surgical training, he completed a full course of training in general surgery at the George Washington University Medical Center – including a year of surgical research – to enhance his surgical judgment and maturity. Additional board certification in general surgery means he has experience in recognizing and managing almost every kind of surgical problem.

Dr. Steinwald then engaged in plastic surgery training at one of the leading medical centers and teaching institutions in the country, the University of California at San Francisco, under the late Stephen J. Mathes, MD, the internationally-renowned chairman who co-authored the premier textbook on reconstructive surgical flaps. At UCSF, he learned the classic fundamentals and techniques of tissue rearrangement and reconstruction, and ultimately was able to utilize these principles in the development of a safe way to develop the ultra-thin pedicle that allows for the preservation of nipple attachment and sensitivity retention in a great majority of his patients.

Dr. Steinwald practices performs all of his surgeries in the Denver area at the practice’s private, fully accredited Apex Surgical Facility, utilizing only board-certified anesthesiologists. They have arrangements with several local hotels for fly-in patients, and private overnight nursing can also be arranged. Dr. Steinwald also makes it a point to be easily reached by his patients during the post-operative period.