Who is a Candidate?

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With regard to the patient’s overall medical candidacy, a patient is considered a good candidate if they are in good general physical shape for a 2-3 hour surgery, without significant cardiopulmonary problems, psychiatric instability, or a history or smoking. They also should be close to an optimal (or at least at a stable) weight, ideally under 200 lb. In some cases Dr. Steinwald will agree to operate on an otherwise-active smoker, provided they quit at least 2 weeks pre-operatively (which also helps overall lung function, and to avoid pneumonia, etc), and to avoid smoking or nicotine-containing products for at least 4 weeks post-operatively (which is critical to avoiding wound healing problems and optimizing scarring). Generally, patients over the age of 40 should obtain medical clearance from their primary care physician. Per Apex Surgical Facility policy, all patients are required to have routine pathology examination of any breast tissue removed, which is available at a fee of approximately $200 and comes with a formal report from the pathologist.