Fly In Patients

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We have a substantial number of our patients fly in from other parts of the country, and in some cases, after a preliminary online or phone consultation, meet Dr. Steinwald for the first time, and then have surgery (if appropriate) 1-2 days later (please see the “online unofficial consultation” requirements at the bottom of our FAQ’s page). Our main office/Apex Surgical Facility is approximately 30-40 minutes from Denver International Airport, and consults and follow-ups can also be seen closer to downtown Denver in our Cherry Creek office. Details and instructions regarding arranging surgery from afar can be found on The Center for Cosmetic Surgery’s Out-of-Town Patients page.

Most patients have their surgery as an outpatient, in which case we request that patients stay within half an hour of our offices. We also have arrangements with several nearby hotels, and private nursing care overnight can be arranged if desired/necessary. Please see the “Hotel Accomodations” drop-down block on the CCS Out-of-Town Patients page for further details.

If you will not be arranging overnight nursing care, it is important that a responsible adult is with you, especially during the first 24 hours post-op, and to help you get to and from early (first week) appointments. We also require that patients plans to stay at least a week following the date of surgery to manage drains, as well as early post-operative issues in general. Ideally patients are seen once again at 3-6 months post-op for late follow-up/photos, and final clearance in general.

Finally, once the patient is through the acute recovery period (4-6 weeks), we are willing and able to help with post-operative documentation to facilitate formal/legal gender change, although we also encourage the continued involvement of counselors in these matters.