Women experience sagging breasts due to many causes; gravity, heredity, and improper bra sizes play a huge part. Your breasts lose their volume due to two primary reasons:

  1. You have too much overlying skin
  2. The volume in your breast is not evenly distributed

If your breasts have uneven volume, you can fix the situation with a breast lift or a mastopexy. This procedure requires the repositioning of a lot of skin so that your breasts come above your chest folds. Sometimes, this may result in your breasts becoming smaller than they were.

To bring back volume in your breasts and make your body look aesthetic, you can have breast implants alongside. A combination of these two procedures is sought after by women who are unhappy with their breasts and want them perkier and rounder. Consult a qualified surgeon to define your bodily goals and restore the roundness of your breasts.