Here at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul M. Steinwald has developed one of the safest and aesthetically pleasing FTM Top Surgery for chest masculinization in the world. One of the benefits of Dr. Steinwald’s FTM Top Surgery is that in the majority of patients, some degree of nipple sensation is preseverd. Dr. Steinwald has helped hundreds of patients in Denver and across the word achieve the masculine chest they wanted.

View before and after photos of FTM Top Surgery Denver chest masculinization.

The Female-to-Male (FTM) Top Surgery is a chest recontouring procedure similar to a standard breast reduction in the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin of the breasts, that is performed for patients seeking gender reassignment (we prefer the term “gender affirmation”). The FTM Top Surgery procedure is relatively irreversible. Many patients undergo counseling for gender dysphoria before seeking the procedure out and this is recommended and often helpful during the pre-operative phase. Some patients have already been publicly identifying as a male by binding and/or using testosterone. In other cases, patients who identify as gender neutral may seek out the procedure as well.

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