Many patients have questions about the FTM Denver Post-Op experience. Following a Female to Male (FTM) procedure patient mays choose to stay in the hospital overnight. The day after the procedure Dr. Steinwald will meet with the patient to check the perfusion to the nipple areas and remove the compressive wrap/dressing. The next day the entire surgical dressing is removed and the day after that, three days post-op, the patient may shower and replace the gauze at the drain sites. An ace wrap bandage will then be placed around the chest.

The ace wrap will be worn for the next two weeks of healing and then after than it should be worn during any physical activity for the rest of the month as the body continues to heal. Pain medication may be prescribed at discharge and patients will be sent home with a five day course of oral antibiotics. Each person recovers at their own pace, but generally speaking most patients are back to their normal daily routine at two to four weeks out and at six weeks out full physical activity is typically approved. That said, it can take up to three months for swelling to go down and six to twelve months for the scars to finish fading. Learn more about FTM Denver Post-Op here.