Female to Male Top Surgery candidates must meet a given set of criteria in order for Dr. Steinwald to agree to perform the procedure. This candidacy requirements are something that Dr. Steinwald covers during an initial consultation with a patient. These candidacy regulations are in place to ensure a successful procedure for the patient. Dr. Steinwald’s top priority is his patient’s health and safety, both mentally and physically, during the whole procedure journey from initial consultation to recovery and beyond.

Female to Male Top Surgery candidates are in good physical health, without significant cardiopulmonary problems, that will be able to handle a 2-3 hour surgical procedure. Candidates should also be mentally stable, at a healthy weight and non-smokers. In some cases Dr. Steinwald may take on a patient who smokes if they are able to quit at least two week prior to the procedure and for four week following the procedure to avoid wound healing issues. For more information on Female to Male Top Surgery Candidates and to find out if you may be one, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Steinwald.